KPB Theatre Nagoya’s Production of Gerry in The Attic

October 22, 2018 by Ray Proper

KPB Theatre Presents Gerry in The Attic THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES… Set in the English countryside, the residents of the Meadowlark Retirement Home plot to take their beloved Gerry, recently deceased, to his proper resting place. Armed with the love for a friend and the desperation of having nothing left to lose, the elderly residents defy […]

Nameless Theatre in Nagoya – William Shakespeare’s Othello

April 10, 2017 by Ray Proper

Nameless Theatre Presents William Shakespeare’s Othello (in English language with Japanese subtitles)  Powerful, influential and successful, Othello is an entrepreneur at the peak of his powers. But as the “green-eyed monster” slowly convinces him of the infidelity of his wife Desdemona, his noble mind becomes consumed with thoughts of revenge. A dark exploration of jealously and redemption, […]

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