Let’s Tour: Kawagoe City; Little Edo

August 31, 2018 by Jason Gatewood

Located about 60 minutes by train northwest of central Tokyo is the city of Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture. Because of its location in the Greater Tokyo area, it’s mainly considered just another “bedtown”; Japanese borrowed English slang for a bedroom community. But its current day suburban moniker can be easily peeled away to show Kawagoe’s […]

Visit the JR East Railway Museum to See Japan’s History Move on Wheels of Steel

May 29, 2018 by Jason Gatewood

A good many visitors to Japan have been known to utter out loud, “there sure are a lot of trains in Japan!” …And they wouldn’t be wrong! We happen to have the world’s highest per capita train ridership and are home to The world’s busiest station as well. It is not an overstatement to say that modern-day Japan was […]

World Bonsai Convention 2017

March 17, 2017 by Mark Guthrie

The first World Bonsai convention was held back in 1989 in Saitama, a city considered to be the home of Japanese bonsai. In the intervening duration it has been held every four years in various countries around the world,  from the U.S. to Germany to South Korea, so as to contribute to the expansion of bonsai culture […]

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