Nagoya Sake Brewery Festival 2017 and Sake Tasting

April 25, 2017 by Mark Guthrie

Were you to take the evidence offered up by Japanese TV, you might be fooled into believing that the Japanese drink of choice was either humdrum lager or cans of whiskey highball. But you would be wrong. There is no doubt that the national drink of Japan is sake, or to give it its proper title, […]

Belgian Beer Weekend Nagoya

April 21, 2017 by Ray Proper

The famous Belgian Beer Weekend traditionally takes place in the first weekend of September at the beautiful “Grand Place of Brussels.”  The Japan versions of this event? Not in September! Belgian beer, food and music. Welcome to the best weekend! Belgium is probably the best kept secret in Europe! Although it may be one of the […]

13th Annual Charity Soccer Tournament in Yokohama

April 18, 2017 by Ray Proper

Once again our annual Charity Soccer day is fast approaching, and with the current struggles we see around the world from famine in Africa to humanitarian crisis’ is Europe & the middle east, our beneficiary Refugees International Japan (RIJ), is in much need of our and your ongoing support. Please read all about last years […]

Nagoya Latino American Festival in Sakae

April 18, 2017 by Ray Proper

Festival Latino Americano Nagoya is the place to be in Nagoya! Come to Sakae and see live Latin music, Salsa dancers, Flamenco, Tango, Artistic shows and performances, and of course delicious Latin American food & drink! If you can’t find good Mexican food here, it is surely impossible in Japan. See you there! 2017 Nagoya Latino […]

Kobe Matsuri: Where East Meets West for a Weekend in May

April 17, 2017 by Justin Hanus

The annual Kobe Festival (Matsuri) is unlike any celebration you are likely to run into in the Kansai region during the year. There are plenty of colorful street festivals in Japan and most are tied to an ancient shrine. The Kobe Matsuri is tethered to the past as well, but it is mostly to the […]

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