Kansai or Kanto? Who Ya Got?

November 21, 2017 by Justin Hanus

“You despise me, don’t you Rick?” says Peter Lorre’s Ugarte to Humphrey Bogart’s Richard Blaine in Casablanca. “If I gave you any thought I probably would,” replies Bogart dismissively, deflating his presumed rival. The exchange is reminiscent of the regional rivalry that divides Eastern Japan (Kanto and Tokyo) and Western Japan (Kansai and Osaka). Tokyo […]

Kansai’s Pivotal Role in Japanese Folk Rock

November 21, 2017 by Justin Hanus

The 1960s have been immortalized as a time of cultural revolution in places like the United States and Europe. If anything the disruption was even greater in Japanese society. The country was awash in American culture after a generation of United States military influence in the years after World War II. Jazz and rock-and-roll dominated […]

The Danjiri Matsuri in Osaka is a Multi-Generational Thrill Show

September 14, 2017 by Justin Hanus

Autumn means the biggest event of the year for the southern Osaka city of Kishiwada – the Danjiri Matsuri. Danjiri are large wooden carts inside which religious tenets declare gods reside. The point of the festival is to honor the gods by having fleets of neighborhood men pull the carts – some of which can […]

Tricks and Treats for All Ages at USJ for Halloween

September 7, 2017 by Justin Hanus

Although Universal Studios Japan is an exciting outing any time of year, during the Halloween season, USJ’s additional tricks and treats make for a particularly entertaining way to spend some free time. Whether you’ve got a whole family tagging along or you’re looking for a fun social option with friends, Halloween events at USJ will […]

Bicycle Liability Insurance

August 28, 2017 by admin

There are two major cities in Japan that require bicycle riders to maintain liability insurance as a condition for riding in the city.  These are: Osaka City Nagoya City (from October 2017)  Clients and readers living or visiting these areas must be aware of this responsibility before hitting the road, but everyone should consider getting […]

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