Scouting in Nagoya

October 28, 2018

When Lord Baden Powell published the first edition of ‘Scouting for Boys’, a guidebook of survival techniques he learned during the Second Boer War and adapted for Britain’s youth he sparked a worldwide phenomenon.

Although the Scouting movement has become very different to what he may have imagined it to be (I’m not quite sure what he would have thought about my first day of Cub Scouts, as I’m pretty sure that a Hallowe’en party, bobbing for apples and eating iced buns didn’t turn up in his guides for strengthening the Empire), it continues to go from strength to strength, with the Boy Scouts of America becoming one of the largest youth associations in the world.

English language Scouting for Boys and Girls in Nagoya

Children hands scouting

Today the scouting movement continues to grow and has extended to include both sexes. After a long absence, thanks to the continued expansion of the Nagoya ex-pat community, English language Scouting returned to the city. Boy Scouts of America Pack 758 and The Nagoya Girl Scouts Overseas Troop 20301 are continuing from strength to strength.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Pack 758 welcomes English-speaking boys of all nationalities from first grade (age 7) and up to 18 to join their adventures. Their scouting program uses BSA materials, uniforms, and advancement. Whether your child is already a BSA Scout or simply interested in joining up for the first time, there is no problem getting involved. Pack 758 are also looking for volunteers and mentors to help with scouting.

Boys, divided into groups known as Tigers, Bears, and Webelos depending upon age, meet once a week in dens of around five members with each den having a leader and an assistant leader who are responsible for making sure that activities are planned and everything runs smoothly. A pack meeting is held each month at which boys receive their badges and meet the other boys from the various dens.

Girl Scouts

The Nagoya Girl Scouts Overseas Troop 20301 meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons and also have monthly weekend outings and activities. Troops include Daisies (5-6 years), Brownies (7-8 years) and Juniors (8-9 years), but children up to the age of 18 are welcome to join (contact Girl Scouts for updated troop info). Girls of any nationality can join but good English is required. If you are interested in getting involved yourself, they too are looking for volunteers and mentors to help out.

The girls use the USA Girl Scouts Overseas program “Discover – Connect – Take Action” as a foundation, with a strong emphasis towards learning practical skills and outdoor activities.

To see what the troops are up to on a daily basis, check out their facebook page here.

Mark Guthrie

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