Put a Spring in your step with Spring Japan Airlines!

October 18, 2017

Living in Hiroshima is great most of the time: the people are friendly the living cost is cheaper than a bigger city and there is lots to see and do with the mountains and ocean on our doorstep. But…. and there is a but… you don’t realize how far away it really is from Tokyo and how inconvenient it can be when you need to fly overseas. Or it was, until Spring Airlines Japan landed at Hiroshima Airport. This low-cost airline is based in Narita and has flights from eight major airports in Japan, including Hiroshima, and after flying with them multiple times in the past six months, I can say without a doubt that not only are they insanely cheap, but clean and comfortable and the staff have been more than accommodating at all times.

The only thing that people might be disappointed with is that you need to pay for any drinks and snacks you might want while on board. To me, a barely hour and a half flight to Tokyo does not require this. Bring your own!

Although Spring Airlines only flies to Tokyo from Hiroshima, the super cheap deals of about 8000 yen (on average) for one way means that it’s then easy to fly somewhere else from there. For less than 20,000 yen you can get a round trip to Tokyo. When you compare this to the Shinkansen and its rip-off price of nearly 20,000 for ONE WAY to Tokyo and a four-hour trip, it’s a no-brainer which option you would choose! The only issue I’ve had with them occurred the last time I flew with them and that was boarding late by about half an hour. Saying that though, we made up the time during the flight and arrived at Narita when we should have.

Oh, and the website is in Japanese. If you can read a few kanji though for where you want to go etc., you should be okay. Otherwise, get a Japanese friend to help you the first time. There is the option to change it to English, but it’s very confusing as the flights are from Ibaraki Airport, not Narita and Hiroshima isn’t even mentioned. I have no idea why… DO NOT book your flights from the English page!

For me, Spring Airlines is a great option and being able to pay for my ticket at a konbini is super… well, convenient too. That’s also good for people who don’t have or don’t want to use their credit card to pay for a ticket or those who don’t have the time to actually walk in and ask a travel agent to book a flight for them.

Spring Airlines Japan flies every day of the week with two flights a day to and from Hiroshima. See below for the schedule.

Discovering Spring Airlines Japan has definitely put a ‘spring,’ in my step and a smile on my face because it’s not only cheaper to get to Tokyo, but also more convenient when flying back to my native Australia or travelling to new countries.

I highly recommend them!

From Hiroshima Airport to Narita Airport (Tokyo)

Mon-Sat: 9:25-10:55 AND 19:20-20:50

Sun: 11:20-12:40 AND 19:35-20:55

From Narita Airport (Tokyo) to Hiroshima Airport

Mon-Sat: 7:00-8:40 AND 17:00-18:40

Sun: 9:00-10:40 AND 17:15-18:55

Spring Japan Airlines

https://bjp.ch.com (Japanese only)

Photo by Masakatsu Ukon (Spring Airlines Japan, Boeing 737-800 JA02GR NRT) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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