Tokyo Sea Life Park Aquarium

April 27, 2018 by Admin

Tokyo Sea Life Park  is an aquarium featuring over 600 species of rare marine life from around the world.  The distinctive dome rising over the attraction houses a number of interesting collections, including the most famous, a 2,200-ton tank shaped like a doughnut where you can watch bluefin tuna and other fish swim. Another well known […]

Sports You Can Join in Kobe

April 25, 2018 by Justin Hanus

Sport plays a big part in modern Japanese life and expat sports enthusiasts can find plenty of activities to keep them fit and entertained. Kobe is home to some world-class sporting facilities and has clubs and sessions open to everyone that run throughout the year, from martial arts classes to a relaxing 18 holes of […]

Experience a Firelit Noh Performance at Nara’s Kofukuji Temple

April 24, 2018 by Justin Hanus

Traditional Noh performances might occur at temples across Japan, but Nara’s Kofukuji Temple is the original home of the sacred event, and seeing a performance there is a truly unforgettable experience. Noh, which is derived from a Japanese word meaning “talent,” is a coveted musical drama performance that began in the 14th century and has […]

Gogatsu Byou – The May Malaise

April 23, 2018 by Mark Guthrie

It is possible that not all is well in your life at the moment. You may have felt a discord, a disharmony. You may feel down, fed up, disheartened. And it’s not just you, but your co-workers, your family, your children are not quite themselves. There is depression in the air. Welcome to gogatsu byou. […]

Ukai Cormorant Fishing in Gifu and Aichi

April 22, 2018 by Mark Guthrie

Whether your fish comes from the supermarket or you are a master fisherman who has trawled the seven seas, it is unlikely that you have ever witnessed anything quite like ‘ukai’ cormorant fishing. What is Ukai? Ukai is an ancient form of fishing in which master fishermen, ‘ushō’, use trained Japanese cormorants, ‘umiu’, to catch […]

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