Hatsumode in Kobe – Shrines to Visit for New Years

November 22, 2018 by Justin Hanus

Japan has only been doing New Year’s celebrations since 1873, when the country adopted the Gregorian calendar of the West. Traditionally the Japanese New Year was based on the Chinese lunar calendar where the dates each year were not fixed. But now the New Year is locked into January 1 and most of the country […]

Best Places for Cheesecake in Kobe

November 19, 2018 by Justin Hanus

Kobe is most famous for its beef, but it’s second most famous for its desserts. The top dessert of all is cheesecake. Kobe cheesecake is unlike anything you’ve tried before; plus, every restaurant, café, and bakery has its own recipe. A few places stand out as being the very best. Kannonya Although it is called […]

Visiting Kobe Oji Zoo

November 19, 2018 by Justin Hanus

There are three large zoos in the Kansai area alone. However, Oji Zoo in Kobe is the only place where you can see both pandas and koalas. Oji Zoo lies just in front of the Rokko mountain range and covers 80,000 square meters. Every year 1.2 million visitors come to see its 800 animals. To […]

Buying Holiday Decorations, Wrapping Paper & Lights in Kobe

November 19, 2018 by Justin Hanus

With Christmas fast approaching, thoughts turn to presents and brightening up the home with a few decorations. If you haven’t already got your shopping for the season planned out, here are a few tips on where to buy some of the essential materials. Costco This is a good bet if you want to find a […]

Christmas Dining in Kobe 2018

November 19, 2018 by Justin Hanus

With Christmas fast approaching, one thing sure to be on everyone’s mind is the good old Christmas dining experience. Kobe has a few restaurants that cater for its growing expat population with seasonal menus on offer. Whether you’re looking for a full festive party atmosphere or a quiet meal for two, check out our guide […]

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