St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Nagoya 2016!

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The Osu Shopping Arcade will be bopping to an Irish jig as throngs of people in green descend to partake in this year’s annual Nagoya St. Patrick’s Day Festival!

With live music, Irish dancing, official parade, local characters, face painting, hair painting, body painting, free giveaways, and much much more the Nagoya St Patrick’s Day Festival in Osu is the place to be in March.  Wear some green and come by with the family, your friends, animals, leprechauns, invisible friends, and whoever else will fit, and join us as we celebrate!.

From the official event description

Dia duit and Cead Mile Failte to everyone!  
(or how to celebrate St Pat’s day in Nagoya)

Here’s a great big shout out to all ye Nagoyites, green and not so green, to let you know that the 2015 Nagoya St Patrick’s Day Festival is rolling around once again on Saturday, March 19th.

That’s right, it’s time to dust off your green garb, give ’em the lovin’ lick of an iron and bring yourself, your family, your loved ones and even your not-so-loved ones down to Osu in Nagoya to partake in Nagoya’s best (and only) Irish event of the year!

The fun begins at 12:00 with a live Irish music and dance session that the Nagoya Irish Tribune hails as a “must see” and “one of the top ten most wondrous sights in the world” (without a whiff of cultural bias). There will be 25 pairs of legs leaping about to the tunes of a gaggle of Irish musicians underneath the Maneki Neko (Welcome Cat) in Osu Kannon shopping area. The craic (atmosphere, for the rest of you) is guaranteed to be, er, craicing?

After that tasty appetizer, you’ll be force-fed more greens of the Irish variety as you wind on down to the street adjacent to Osu Kannon Temple. At 14:00 the 11th Nagoya St Patrick’s Day Parade will commence. If you hadn’t already had your fill, there will be loads more music, pipers, face painting, freebies, Irish dogs, …and, and, and!!  Word has it that Ambassador to Ireland Anne Barrington will be in attendance to help Nagoya celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising:  When in 1916 a small band of Irish Republicans declared a free Irish State and set the path toward Irish independence.

If that’s not enough for you you’re in luck (luck of the Irish!), as even more entertainment awaits at Yaba Park from 15:30  (next to Nadya Park/Loft in Yaba-cho). Try your hand with the hurleys (balls and bats) or footies, get your face painted, and let the kids play games and make crafts. There’ll be live musicians and dancers here too. The infamous Shirakawa leprechauns are known for mischief, so keep your wallet sheathed and BYOB!

After all that high-kickin’ Irish jigging and parading about, you’ll have surely developed a thirst for more things Irish. Luckily for you, the post party drinks will be plentiful in the sponsoring bars. There’ll be a wide selection of Irish delights including music, more dancing and the ubiquitous Guinness… and even Kilkenny…  on special!

So scribble Saturday March 19th in your green diary, put on your dancing boots and get yourself down to Osu Kannon from midday, and celebrate what it means to be truly Irish, or British, or Australian, or Canadian, or Japanese, or American, or from whatever lovely country you were born….  Don your green and let the Irish celebrate you!

If you or your group are interested in volunteering, please contact inj-nagoya(at) Volunteers are needed for the big day – if you are green, keen, or both, please check out for complete information.  All are welcome to participate, and it’s a truly fun experience!

See you on the 19th!

The Irish Festival and St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Osu Kanon kicks off  
March 19th, 2016 from 12:00!

Image is from previous event. Please ignore times, etc.

To get to Osu Kannon you can use the Nagoya City Subway system.  The nearest subway stations are

  • Kamimaezu, on the Tsurumai and Meijyo subway lines, or
  • Osu Kannon on the Tsurumai subway line.

There is limited public parking, and public transportation is strongly encouraged.
This is a really fun, and welcoming event so come with your family and have some fun!

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