April 20, 2016


It is well known that Japan has gone tourism crazy over the coming of the Olympics, and Nagoya City is no exception.  In an effort to encourage tourists to check in and post pictures of themselves having fun in Nagoya, they have started a program to provide free WIFI access points throughout the city.

To start with you can find these free WIFI points

Free WIFI is available for 30 minutes at a time, but you can re-login as many times as you want a day.

Here are the instructions for Nagoya Free Wi-Fi from the city website:

  1. Select SSID “00_NAGOYA_Free_Wi-Fi”. Start up your browser.
  2. At the login screen, select the SNS logo, and log into your SNS account (1 Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo!JAPAN accounts can be used)
  3. eMail authentication
  4. Select SSID “00_NAGOYA_Free_Wi-Fi”. Start up your browser.
  5. Enter your email address on the login screen, and press the Send button.
  6. You’ll receive an email. Click the listed URL within five minutes, and registration will be completed

Full details can be found here (Japanese website)

Other Nagoya free Wi-Fi spots

As well as these new spots there are other pre-existing hotspots at which you can link up.

  • Nagoya Station. There are four spots outside Nagoya station where you can find Wi-Fi. Three of them are near the entrances to the Kintetsu and Meitetsu stations and a fourth can be found outside the JR Station’s Taiko Dori exit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.14.51

  • Starbucks. Free Wi-Fi is available in each of Nagoya’s 36 branches of the coffee store. Instructions on how to log in can be found here.
  • Cafes. It’s not just Starbucks that has Wi-Fi, but plenty more cafes around the city. See here for the nearest one to you.
  • Nagoya Castle. There is a hotspot at the castle’s main gate.
  • Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. The second floor of the Aquarium’s south building has a spot, ideal for uploading those photos of the dolphin show.
  • Hotels. Many of the hotels around Nagoya have free Wi-Fi access. While it is not exactly ideal to log on and start downloading movies, you may be able to use them if in a tight bind. It might be an idea to ask in reception if they have it (Wi-Fi wa arimasu ka?) and if it is okay for you to use it (Wi-Fi wa, shi te mo ii desu ka?)
  • Centrair. Free Wi-Fi service is available at the Central Japan International Airport Passenger Terminal Building and at the Access Plaza. Areas with free Wi-Fi are indicated by posters and banners that say “Centrair Free Wi-Fi.”
  • Softbank. The telecommunications company has free Wi-Fi spots in many bars and restaurants. However, these can be a bit hit-and-miss. Click here to search for a place of business.


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