Hard Off, Book Off… Recycle Off

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Many of you may already be familiar with this very eye-catching sign on the streets of Japan. Book-Off is for second hand books, Hard Off for second-hand hardware, B-Kids for second hand children’s clothes. Here is a more complete list of the shops, and what kinds of things you can find there.

The Hard Off Chain (Hard Off, Off House, Mode Off, Garage Off, Hobby Off and Book Off) have 636 shops in Aichi alone, so the odds are you already know where such a shop exists. Here are just some of the shops in Nagoya, with a telephone number for your navigation, or a clickable map.

Hard Off 

Computers, Audio, Visual, Musical Instruments, Cameras, Watches, Golf Supplies, Game Software, CD/VHS/DVD software

Shikenya TEL: 052-777-1109
Minato-ku TEL: 052-301-1114
Takabari (Meito-ku) TEL: 052-703-2321
Midori-ku TEL: 052-621-3690
Shimada (Tempaku-ku) TEL: 052-800-9000
Kakuozan (Chikusa-ku) TEL: 052-761-6661
Chiyoda (Moriyama-ku) TEL: 052-795-4040

Off House

Furniture/Interior, Home Electrical, Home Items, Sports, Outdoor, Hobby, Gift, Baby & Kidswear, Womens &Mens Clothing

Ichinomiya TEL: 0586-28-7275
Bisai TEL:0586-44-3188
Near the old Nagoya Airport TEL:0568-39-1717
Seto TEL: 0561-85-5502
Miyoshi TEL: 0561-33-3512
Mikawa Anjo TEL: 0566-71-1811
Tsushima TEL: 0567-23-1515

Hobby Off

Promotional Goods, Capsule Toys, Hobby, Cards, Toys, Collections, Novelties

Toyota TEL: 0565-25-0053 FAX: 0565-25-0063
Shimada Minami (Tempaku-ku) TEL: 052-800-3090
Owari Asahi TEL: 0561-55-5595
Ichinomiya ByPass TEL: 0586-23-1340
Miyoshi TEL: 0561-33-3513

Book Off

Used Books, CD Software, Game Software, DVD, LD, Videos

Nagakute Green Road
Owari Asahi
Chiyoda-bashi (Chikusa-ku)
Gifu Orchid Park


Used Children’s clothes, toys, furniture, baby goods

Takabari (Meito-ku)
Takinomizu (Midori-ku)
Nagoya Showa Dori (Nakagawa-ku)


Sporting goods, outdoor goods

Owari Asahi
Gifu Orchid Park


Used men’s and women’s clothing

Takabari (Meito-ku)
Chiyoda-bashi (Chikusa-ku)


Furniture, Interior and Everyday Items

Nagakute Green Road