Halal Bento Boxes in Tokyo and Yokohama – Halal Deli

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halal_deli_tokyo_foodWe are all well aware that Japan ranks first in the number of Michelin Stars around the world, and of course it is great to have such world class food options right outside your door (at least in Tokyo!), but what if you aren’t craving a prestigious fine dining experience? What if your are craving a simple home cooked meal; comfort food as we may call it.

If your comfort food is a burger and fries, or even a kebab, you can probably fill that need in a variety of places around the metropolis, but what if you are craving something a little more niche?  More niche than western food in Japan?  Totally possible.  Be it by reason of ethnicity, religion, food enthusiast, or simply because you crave the wonderful flavors of the Middle East.  You crave Halal,  right here in the land of The Land of the Rising Sun, and it is doable.

Because there are limited shops around Tokyo, it hasn’t been as readily available, but recent developments of and expansion of Middle Eastern markets in Japan,  a bento service (Lunch box Service) was established to cater Halal Bento Boxes (Lunch boxes) around Tokyo and Yokohama.

While not the most convenient, ordering requires 5 days for the delivery to be made and the lunch box is paid in cash upon delivery. In addition to this, the website and the order forms are in Japanese, but the food can definitely satisfy the urge for Halal food with a flourish.

There are Halal Bento Boxes and Japanese style Halal Beef lunch boxes available, both of which look enticing. Why not try this out for your next lunch meal?




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